Website Design & Development

Take control of your website and turn it into a selling machine!

Our websites go beyond 'looking good' and being 'easy-to-use'.

Not only do our websites convert visitors to customers, but they'll actually attract visitors to your website.

Finally... a long term website solution for a growing business.

Frustrated with your website? Unsure of the best path forward?

We hear from so many business owners who have bought a new website only to have it start slowing down and breaking after a few short months.

Unfortunately, cheaper websites always end up costing much more in the long term. They’re hard to change, require frequent fixes and need to be rebuilt far sooner than you’d hope.

All the while, your business suffers because your website doesn’t reflect the true value that you offer.

Here's the thing...

Due to COVID-19, there are more people online than ever. Your website is more important RIGHT NOW that it ever has been before.

In 2020, online traffic and ecommerce sales are skyrocketing worldwide:

  • In Australia, ecommerce sales saw over FIVE YEARS of growth in three months
  • In America, ecommerce sales saw over SEVEN YEARS of growth in three months *
  • In New Zealand, ecommerce sales saw more than EIGHT YEARS of growth in three months

* from Q1 to Q2 2020. Source: Retail Indicators Branch, U.S. Census Bureau

† from Feb to May 2020. Source: New Zealand Online Retail Sales, Bank of New Zealand & Marketview

Businesses that invested in their website BEFORE 2020 are reaping the rewards RIGHT NOW. Every day your website isn’t at its peak could be hundreds or thousands of missed opportunities.

Luckily, it's not too late...

So what’s the solution?

Firstly, you need to start thinking of your website as an ongoing investment and partner with a team of experts who can support you for the long term.

No Limits. No Hassel. No brainer.

Our team at NOKNOK have been developing ecommerce websites for more than a decade so you know you’re in good hands. By partnering with NOKNOK you’ll never have to worry about your website again.

On top of that, you’ll have access to NOKNOK’s team of brand, design and marketing experts who can support you and your team in all your brand and marketing endeavours.

And we’ve got payment plans. That means your website could pay itself off long before the final payment is due - it’s a no brainer really.

Ready to take the first step?

Premium Custom Design

One-of-a-kind websites that your customers will love.

Your website will be designed specifically to appeal to your target audience and communicate your message in the most effective way possible.

We don't use pre-designed templates! We start with a blank page and create the perfect website exactly how it should be.

A Brand Focused Strategy

A carefully crafted experience that maximises sales long term

We won’t stop at crafting you a stunning website that’s easy to use.

Our strategy will deliver a website that is highly optimised to convert visitors into loyal, repeat customers who generate organic, word-of-mouth growth.

Not only will your marketing provide a higher return, but you can grow brand awareness far faster than what advertising can do alone.

Custom functionality

Whatever your website needs, we can make it happen.

No longer will your requests be put in the "too hard" basket. With NOKNOK’s software and web development team, anything is possible.

Whether you're looking to automate processes, integrate software, or create new tools that never existed before, our talented developers are ready for the challenge.

Responsive design

A seamless experience on every device - desktop, tablet & mobile.

Having a mobile responsive website is more important than ever.

You can expect 50% of web page views and over half of Google searches have come from mobile devices in 2020. That is one reason why Google shows mobile-optimised websites higher in their search results.

We'll keep Google happy and ensure your mobile users have a great experience!

Search engine optimisation

Rise to the top of Google and grow your website traffic.

Almost everyone turns to Google when they have a problem to solve.

With Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) you can get to the top of those search results and drive a huge amount of traffic to your website.

Plus, the benefits of SEO are cumulative; the SEO work we do today will continue to have a positive impact for years to come.


Supercharge your online sales without limitations.

Running an ecommerce business isn't always easy. On top of customer service, inventory management and accounting, it's difficult to find an ecommerce solution that meets the specific needs of your business.

Our people have been building, managing and marketing ecommerce websites for over a decade. We've seen it all and can help you overcome all the challenges that come with selling online.

Website Management

Keeping your website operating at peak performance.

We hear from many business owners who purchase a website only to have it slow down and break after a few months. They know it's not a good look, but they don’t have many options.

With regular maintenance NOKNOK can extend the life of your website, saving you money in the long term. We'll keep things secure and running smoothly. And, if any problems do arise, our team will be quick to respond.

Website Hosting

Fast and reliable web-hosting - managed for you.

Having a fast website makes a big difference. Back in 2006, Google revealed that a half-second delay in loading a page reduced their revenue by 20%.

People expect fast websites and our hosting solution provides that.

Built on top of Google Cloud and highly-optimised for WordPress your website will load super fast all around the world.

What's your vision?